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Kandypens Rubi – A review

Kandypens Rubi – A review

The KandyPens Rubi is a good looking, versatile e-cigarette that can vape e-liquids, nicotine salts, and oil extracts.

At four inches tall, the Rubi is a little taller than most e-cigs but still small enough to be easily carried around. It is similar in design to most e-cigs in that it looks a little like a USB stick. However, the Rubi has a smoother, more rounded design that’s quite attractive, plus there is a nice range of color options to choose from. The Rubi feels comfortable in the hand, and inhaling from it feels good as well because of its rounded mouthpiece. 

When it’s time for a refill, removing that mouthpiece is simple and refilling the pod is relatively easy as well. One design shortcoming is that there is no viewing portal, or similar feature, that allows you to monitor the level of e-liquid left in the pod. You either need to remove the pod from the battery to check, or you have to wait until the flavor goes off. Neither of those options is ideal, but in the long run, the inability to check the oil level while the pod is connected to the battery is a relatively minor problem.


Since the Rubi is an open pod system vaporizer, it can be used with a variety of different vape liquids. It can be used with e-juice of course, but you can also use nicotine salts and even liquid oil extracts with the Rubi. So if you want to use a different kind of oil than what you can get in a pre-filled CBD cartridge, then you can do so with the Rubi.

How to Use

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the rest of the Rubi.
  2. Remove the rubber stopper from the pod, fill the pod with your oil or e-liquid, and then replace the stopper.
  3. Prime the Rubi pod. *details below*
  4. Place the mouthpiece back into the battery of the Rubi and inhale.

It’s important to prime the Rubi pod before step 4, this is a very short, quick process. Simply inhale from the mouthpiece 3-5 times before moving on to step 4. Skipping this step will result in dry hits and you definitely don’t want that. You only need to do this once per Rubi pod.

Performance and Vapor Quality


The Rubi is draw activated and has a low draw resistance so it is pretty easy to use.

Vapor Quality

Needless to say, the flavor of the vapor depends on what type of e-liquid or oil you use with the Rubi. But regardless of what you use, the Rubi will do a good job of vaping it, particularly with e-liquids and nicotine salts.

If you love big clouds, then you will definitely love the Rubi because it produces some huge clouds, not as much as a vape mod, but certainly more than any other e-cigarette.

Battery Performance

The Rubi has a 280 mAh battery, which is one of the more powerful e-cigarette batteries available. It is good for about 250 puffs before it needs to be recharged. When it does need to be recharged, it only takes about eighty minutes. The Rubi uses a standard micro USB cable rather than a proprietary charger, so replacing it or buying a spare is easy.

Bottom Line

The Rubi is a great e-cigarette because of its style and versatility. It can vape a variety of different liquids including oil extracts, so it can save you the trouble of buying multiple, different vaporizers. The biggest downside is that you can’t monitor the oil level of the pod, which is annoying, but it’s not a dealbreaker. If you want an e-cig that can vape any type of liquid, then the Rubi is your best choice.

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