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What To Expect When You Quit Smoking And Start Vaping

So now, you’ve purchased an ecigarette device and eliquids from The House of Vapes, Toronto you’re quitting smoking! Hooray! As you probably know, it’s both a courageous decision and a difficult process. However, there are resources to help you along during the early stages of your cessation period. One important resource is vaping, which can be an easy way for you to wean yourself off of the toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.  

It’s important to know what your body should expect once you start the process of moving from cigarettes to vapes. Cessation can be difficult, but don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Below is a list of withdrawal effects and tips when switching from smoking to vaping. We hope these tips can serve as your go-to throughout your transition process, and lead to physical benefits and more money in your pocket. If you have any questions at all, contact The House of Vapes directly.

Smoker’s Cough

One immediate effect when you quit cigarettes that you’ll notice is an increase in coughing. Sometimes it lasts for a few minutes, sometimes for longer. It’s a dreaded burden to bear as an ex-smoker, but it’s also a cleansing process.

Coughing is the way that it’s releasing those toxins built up after years of smoking traditional cigarettes.  Smoking cigarettes causes the build-up of tar and mucus on the tissue surface of your lungs and airways. The heavier and longer you smoke, the more tar and mucus accumulates.

The vapor that is produced from heating e-liquid does not contain this tar, and therefore the blockage does not form. Within the first few days of using a vaping device, you may experience a frequent urge to cough.

This is not harmful in any way and is a good sign. For the next few weeks, a morning cough a little bit rougher than the one you’re probably already accustomed to is common. Eventually, that tar and mucus will be expelled from your body, and you will be able to breathe better, finally rid of the dreaded smoker’s cough.

Withdrawal Headache and Shakes

The most feared aspect of nicotine withdrawal are headaches and shakes, which can be uncomfortable and painful. This can be uncomfortable and painful.

E-liquid can come in handy at this point, and lessen the negative effects. There might still be withdrawal effects, as cigarettes are much more potent than vaping and nicotine uptake through tiny smoke particles is more efficient than through slightly-less-tiny vapor particles, but once you get the correct nic level the transition becomes easier. The best way to combat these effects is to try out different strengths until you feel comfortable and the withdrawal effects are lessened. Once you find that sweet spot, you may choose to slowly adjust your consumption downward.

Tip: If you smoked a pack a day (or more) and you’re going to use a more traditional low-power vape, you’ll want to try a higher nicotine level, say 18 mg. Some vape juice manufacturers will go as high as 24 mg, a few even make 36 mg. Use caution for high levels! Some manufacturers are now introducing ultra-high-nicotine liquids with 50mg of nicotine or more per milliliter of juice – these products are only for use in low-power, low-frequency-of-use cigalike type devices!

Also, if you’ve never used tobacco products and are considering taking up vaping as a hobby, please don’t vape nicotine – in all reality it’s more likely to make you sick than anything else.


Smoking cigarettes decreases the blood circulation from the rest of your body to your brain.This means that less oxygen reaches certain areas because your body prioritizes different areas.  When switching over to vaping, the constriction of the blood vessels no longer occurs and circulation begins to increase.

As your body is exposed to more oxygen, you may get dizzy or lightheaded. Don’t worry, this is only your brain getting used to the increased amount of oxygen it was being deprived of when you smoked cigarettes. It should only last a few days. Another cause of dizziness may be that you’re consuming too much nicotine. Nicotine can make you lightheaded or even queasy when consumed in excessive amounts, so it should be monitored.

Tip: If you find yourself puffing all day, try alternating between high and low nicotine strengths. Use a lower strength liquid most of the time, but keep a spare tank with some higher-potency liquid to swap out if you need to fight through a particularly strong urge to smoke.


The transition from smoking to vaping can be tough but The House of Vapes is here to walk you through the transition. We know that trying to do it alone can be even more difficult. Luckily, support is always available. Whether they are online, through friends, or your local vape shop, be aware that you are never alone and asking for help is what the community is here for.

Here at The House of Vapes, Toronto, we hope these tips and guidelines serve you well and help you understand more accurately how to better drop your unwanted habit. Again, congratulations on your decision and we are happy that you are taking the steps away from tobacco with us.  

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